June 24, 2024
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DENOSA Bursary Fund Online Application

The DENOSA Bursary Scheme is an important initiative that helps to ensure that talented and dedicated nursing students can complete their studies and contribute to the healthcare system in South Africa. It is a testament to the commitment of DENOSA to support and promote the nursing profession and to ensure that all South Africans have access to quality healthcare.


DENOSA, or the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa, was established in 1996 as a professional association that represents the interests of nurses in South Africa. The organisation was formed in response to the need for nurses to have a collective voice in matters affecting their profession, including working conditions, education, and professional development.

DENOSA has a rich history of activism, advocating for the rights and interests of nurses in South Africa. The organisation played a key role in the struggle against apartheid, fighting for the recognition of nursing as a profession and for the rights of nurses to work in an environment that is safe and conducive to providing quality patient care.

Today, DENOSA remains a powerful force in the nursing profession in South Africa. The organisation continues to advocate for the rights of nurses, working to improve working conditions, wages, and benefits. DENOSA also provides leadership and support for nurses in their professional development, offering training and education programmes to help nurses advance their careers and provide high-quality care to patients.

DENOSA Bursary Application

The DENOSA Bursary Scheme is a programme that aims to provide financial assistance to nursing students in South Africa who need financial support to complete their studies. The scheme is available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students who are studying nursing at a recognised institution in South Africa.

The bursary covers tuition fees, accommodation, and a stipend for living expenses. The amount of the bursary varies depending on the level of study and the financial needs of the applicant. The scheme is awarded on a merit basis, and applicants must meet the academic requirements and demonstrate a commitment to the nursing profession.

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Eligibility Requirements for DENOSA Bursary

To qualify for the DENOSA Bursary and Travel Grant, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Candidates are eligible to apply for a bursary for the year 2024 only if they have maintained full membership with DENOSA for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years leading up to the application.
  2. Additionally, applicants must ensure full payment of DENOSA membership for the academic year they are applying for and must continue to be a paid-up member throughout the entire duration of the awarded course or degree.

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How to Apply for DENOSA Bursary Award

If you wish to apply for the DENOSA Bursary Scheme, follow the guide below:

  1. Interested applicants should get the application form from:
    1. The Secretary, DENOSA Study Fund Committee, P.O. Box 1280, Pretoria, 0001.
    2. Provincial Offices of DENOSA, and not from the offices of donor firms.
    3. You can also get the application form on the DENOSA official website.
  2. Please submit duly filled-out application forms to the Secretary, DENOSA Study Fund Committee, P.O. Box 1280, Pretoria, 0001. Applicants mustn’t send the forms to the firms or provincial offices.
  3. Under no circumstances should applicants engage in correspondence with the firms regarding bursaries, except to express gratitude. Some firms find such communication inconvenient. 
  4. Applicants can expect notification of the application outcome no earlier than April 2024.

Note: Bursaries distributed by the DENOSA STUDY FUND COMMITTEE constitute one-time contributions and do not undergo automatic renewal. Simply put, individuals seeking additional financial support must reapply for a new bursary each year, using the designated application form.

When is the Closing Date?

The deadline for the DENOSA Bursary and Travel Grant is January 31, 2024. Interested applicants must endeavour to apply before the closing date.

Note: Late applications CANNOT be considered.

Other DENOSA Awards

DENOSA Travel Grant 

The grant aims to enhance nursing in South Africa by supporting nurses in attending conferences and study tours abroad.

To ensure the security of the fund, only the annual interest generated from its investment, along with the deposit derived from a portion of the Old Mutual Commission, will be utilised.

Application: To apply online, visit the DENOSA official website.

Old Mutual Education Trust Scholarship Programme

DENOSA members are notified that the Old Mutual Education Trust Scholarship Programme is currently accepting applications for the academic year 2024. This opportunity is open to all fully paid-up DENOSA members, including their spouses, dependent children, and DENOSA employees.

Application: To apply online, visit the DENOSA official website.

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