December 1, 2023
agriseta bursary fund application form

AgriSETA Bursary Fund SA | Download Application Form

The Agricultural Sector Education and Training Authority (AgriSETA) offers bursaries to individuals who wish to pursue a career in agriculture. The bursary fund aims to provide financial assistance to deserving students who are passionate about agriculture and want to make a difference in the industry. Here, we will discuss the requirements, what the bursary covers, and how to apply for the AgriSETA bursary fund.

What Does it Cover?

The AgriSETA bursary fund covers the following expenses:

1. Tuition fees

2. Accommodation

3. Books and study materials

4. Living expenses

5. Travel expenses

The bursary is awarded for one academic year at a time, and it is renewable if the recipient meets the academic requirements.

Who is Eligible for the AgriSETA Bursary Fund?

To qualify for the AgriSETA bursary fund, applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. South African citizen or permanent resident

2. Must be enrolled in an agriculture-related course at a recognised institution of higher learning

3. Must have a valid South African ID

4. Must have a good academic record

5. Must demonstrate a passion for agriculture and a commitment to developing the industry

6. Must be willing to sign a bursary agreement with AgriSETA

How to Apply for AgriSETA Bursary Fund

To apply for the AgriSETA bursary fund, applicants must follow these steps:

1. Obtain an application form from the AgriSETA website or the nearest AgriSETA office.

2. Complete the application form and attach all the required documents, including a certified copy of your ID, academic records, and proof of enrollment.

3. Write a motivation letter explaining why you deserve the bursary and how you plan to use your education to contribute to the agriculture industry.

4. Submit the application form and all the required documents to the nearest AgriSETA office, or email them to

When is the AgriSETA Bursary Application Deadline?

The application deadline for the AgriSETA bursary fund is usually in November of each year. It is important to submit your application on time and ensure that all the required documents are attached. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.


The bursary fund is a great opportunity for individuals who are passionate about agriculture and want to make a difference in the industry. The bursary covers a wide range of expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation, and travel expenses. To qualify for the bursary, applicants must meet the requirements and demonstrate a passion for agriculture. If you are interested in applying for the AgriSETA bursary fund, visit their website or the nearest AgriSETA office for more information.

Contact Details

Physical Address

AgriSETA House, 529 Belvedere St, Arcadia, 0083

Postal Address

Box 23378, Gezina, 0031

Telephone + 27 (0) 12 301 5600

Fax + 27 (0) 12 325 1677/325 1624


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