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Are you interested in gaining practical work experience in the health and welfare? Look no further than the HWSETA learnerships. This programme aims to give learners hands-on experience in a variety of fields related to health and welfare and provides a pathway for future employment opportunities.

About HWSETA Learnerships

The HWSETA learnership programme aims to provide learners with practical experience in a range of areas, including community health work, HIV and AIDS care, social auxiliary work, and early childhood development. Learners will receive training and mentorship from experienced professionals in their chosen field and will be expected to participate in a range of activities to develop their skills and knowledge.

During the HWSETA learnership programme, learners will be provided with a monthly stipend to cover their living expenses. They will also receive training and mentorship from experienced professionals in their chosen field and will be expected to participate in a range of activities to develop their skills and knowledge. These activities may include attending workshops and seminars, completing assignments and assessments, and participating in practical work experience placements.

Learners will be assessed at the end of the learnership programme to determine their competency in their chosen field. Those who complete the programme will receive a nationally recognised qualification, which will enable them to seek employment in the health and welfare sector.

HWSETA Learnership Programmes

The HWSETA Learnership Programmes typically cover a wide range of fields in the health and social development sectors, including:

  1. Nursing and Healthcare: These programmes often provide training for nurses, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals.
  2. Social Work: Learnerships in social work can prepare individuals for careers in social services and welfare.
  3. Community Health Work: Programmes in community health may focus on promoting public health and wellness in communities.
  4. Child and Youth Care: Learnerships in this field can prepare individuals to work with children and young people in various settings.
  5. Substance Abuse Counselling: Some learnerships may focus on helping individuals with substance abuse issues.
  6. Disability Support: Programmes in this area may provide training for working with individuals with disabilities.
  7. Health and Safety: These learnerships may cover occupational health and safety practices in various settings.
  8. Early Childhood Development: Learnerships related to early childhood development can prepare individuals to work in childcare and preschool settings.
  9. Radiography and Medical Laboratory Technology: Some learnerships may focus on diagnostic and medical laboratory services.
  10. HIV/AIDS Counseling and Support: Programs in this field can help individuals provide counselling and support to those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Current Vacancies 

  • Auxiliary Nursing 
  • Nursing General 
  • Midwifery and Neonatal Nursing 
  • Operating Theater Nursing Science 
  • Medical and Surgical Science 
  • Veterinary Nursing 
  • Child and Youth Care Worker 
  • Social Auxiliary Worker 
  • Phlebotomy Technique 

To view a list of all the current vacancies, go to the learnership website.

What are the Requirements for HWSETA Learnerships?

Before applying for the HWSETA learnership, it’s important to understand the requirements. Applicants must be South African citizens between the ages of 18 and 35, with a Grade 12 certificate or equivalent. They must also be unemployed and have no criminal record. Additionally, applicants must have a strong interest in the health and welfare sector and be willing to commit to the programme for the duration of their learnership.

How to Apply for HWSETA Learnerships?

To apply for the HWSETA learnership program, interested individuals must complete an application form and submit it to the HWSETA offices. You can download the application from the HWSETA website and you must attach  a certified copy of the applicant’s ID document as well as a certified copy of their Grade 12 certificate or equivalent.

Once they receive your application, a selection process will occur to identify suitable candidates for the program. This process may include an interview as well as a review of the applicant’s academic and personal background. Successful candidates will be notified by the HWSETA, and will be required to attend an induction session before commencing the learnership.


The HWSETA learnership program is a fantastic opportunity for individuals who are passionate about the health and welfare sector, and who are looking to gain practical work experience in a variety of fields. To apply for the program, interested individuals must meet the minimum requirements and submit an application form to the HWSETA offices. Successful candidates will be provided with a monthly stipend, training and mentorship, and a pathway to future employment opportunities.

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