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Are you on the hunt for a new job opportunity? Look no further than Implats Platinum Mine! This reputable mining company is currently offering a range of job openings in various departments. Whether you’re experienced in mining operations or seeking an entry-level position, there may be a role for you at Implats. Keep reading to learn more about the available Implats Platinum Mine Job openings and how to apply.

Implats Platinum Mine Job Recruitment Areas

Implats is offering jobs in the following areas:

Mining Engineering

Mining engineering is a career that integrates a variety of skills. A mining engineer must have excellent managerial abilities, people skills, and a solid understanding of financial and business principles in addition to specialised mining knowledge and engineering experience. The mining engineer will advance to the level of mine manager, where his knowledge will be used and implemented. A mine manager’s primary task is to extract minerals from an orebody in a safe and cost-effective manner while meeting set commercial objectives. A mining engineer may be involved in a variety of activities in addition to these responsibilities.

Metallurgy or Chemical Engineering, and Analytical Chemistry

Every day, we use hundreds of products made of metal. The metallurgist’s or chemical engineer’s task is to create the metals required to make these and other items. Science, chemistry, mathematics, and physics are used in conjunction with engineering concepts to extract metals from ores so that they can be processed and manufactured in the proper form.


Geology is the study of the earth’s crust and rock formations, including the classification and mapping of mineral deposits included in the earth’s formations. This knowledge is used in the mining industry to locate new mineral resources and improve existing ones.

Geologists work in a variety of settings. Mining geology and exploration geology are two of the most important in the mining business.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering – Heavy Current

There is no mine that can function without power. The engineering department is in charge of providing electricity and maintaining equipment and machinery. Its principal goal is to ensure that the mining and metallurgical departments have the technical support they need to reach output targets.

Finance – Accounting and Commerce

The finance department’s major goal is to regulate, gather, analyze, and interpret financial information so that internal and external stakeholders, such as management, investors, banks, and shareholders, may use it to estimate the company’s future and make decisions based on historical data.

What are the Requirements for Implat Mine Jobs?

The minimum requirements and qualifications depend on the position you are applying for. When you choose a position, you will see the requirements on the job description page.

How to Apply for Implats Platinum Mine Job Vacancies

  1. Go to the Implats Platinum Mine Career portal.
  2. Search for the position you want to apply for.
  3. Click on Apply Now.
  4. Read through the description.
  5. Click on Apply to Position.

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