November 30, 2023
rand water learnership online application

Rand Water Learnership Online Application

Rand Water is a South African water utility company that provides bulk potable water to millions of people across Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and the North West provinces. This company is committed to addressing the water scarcity challenges faced by the country through innovative and sustainable solutions. One of the ways the company achieves this is by offering the Rand Water Learnership to young people who want to pursue careers in water and engineering.

About Rand Water Learnership

Rand Water Learnership is an on-the-job training program that provides theoretical and practical skills to young people who have completed Grade 12. This program is designed to equip learners with the competencies required to operate, maintain, and repair water treatment plants, distribution networks, and wastewater treatment systems. The learnership program is offered for 12 months, with learners receiving a monthly stipend to cover their living expenses.

The learnership program is highly competitive, with hundreds of applicants vying for limited positions every year. Therefore, applicants need to have excellent academic records, relevant subjects, and a passion for the water, engineering, and environmental sectors. Applicants must also meet the minimum requirements set out by the company, such as the age limit of between 18 and 35 years, South African citizenship, and no criminal record.

Learnership Categories

Rand Water offers learnerships in the following fields:

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Fitter
  • Microbiology
  • Plumbing
  • Sanitation
  • Water Agents
  • Water Care
  • Water Purification
  • Water Resource Management
  • Water Utilization
  • Welder

Training Process

The Rand Water learnership program is divided into three phases: the classroom phase, the practical phase, and the workplace experience phase. During the classroom phase, learners attend theoretical training at one of Rand Water’s training centers. Here, they learn about the principles of water treatment, distribution, and wastewater management, as well as safety procedures, communication skills, and teamwork. The classroom phase also involves assessments to monitor the progress of learners and ensure that they meet the required standards.

The practical phase of the learnership program involves hands-on training where learners are placed at various water and wastewater treatment plants and distribution networks. Here, learners apply the knowledge gained in the classroom, work alongside experienced technicians and engineers, and learn to troubleshoot and repair equipment. This phase also includes exposure to different aspects of water and wastewater management, such as quality control, maintenance, and operation.

The final phase of the Rand Water learnership program is the workplace experience phase. Here, learners will access different departments of the company, such as customer service, finance, and human resources, to gain a broader understanding of the organization’s functions. This phase is essential as it exposes learners to the wider context of water management, such as governance, policy, and financing. Learners will also get opportunities to interact with other stakeholders, such as government officials, NGOs, and other water professionals.

Benefits of the Rand Water Learnership

Upon completion of the learnership program, learners receive a certificate that attests to their competence in water management and engineering. This certificate can then open doors for learners to pursue further studies in related fields or seek employment as technicians, operators, or engineers in the water and wastewater management sector.

The Rand Water learnership program is a valuable opportunity for young people who want to make a meaningful contribution to South Africa’s water management challenges. By equipping learners with practical skills and theoretical knowledge, the program helps to improve the quality of water services and promote sustainability. The program also contributes to addressing the youth unemployment issue in the country, by providing learners with relevant work experience and skills that make them more competitive in the labor market.

How to Apply

  1. Go to the Rand Water Learnership application portal.
  2. Follow the prompts to fill out your application and submit it.

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