December 1, 2023
hyundai yes learnership online application

Hyundai YES Learnership Program Online Application 

Hyundai is one of the biggest car makers in the world that is committed to providing quality cars to people around the world. Aside from that, they are also known for their commitment to empowering South Africans with knowledge and skills through their Hyundai Learnership Programme.

About the Hyundai YES Learnership Program

A learnership programme is an initiative put in place by companies to help graduates and school leavers gain practical work experience while earning a salary. The Hyundai Learnership Programme was developed with a focus on addressing job scarcity and combating unemployment among South African youth. The programme aims to develop talented and dedicated South African youths by providing practical experience and job skills in a highly competitive industry.

How Does it Work?

The learnership programme provides the opportunity for young graduates to gain practical work experience at Hyundai. The programme aims to also provide specialized training to help the interns to improve their competencies. And enable them to work alongside experienced professionals in the field.

Hyundai offers an extensive range of learnerships that cater to various career fields, including sales, marketing, accounting, engineering, and IT. This programme helps equip learners with practical knowledge, advanced skills, and experience that would help ensure they acquire the right skills to launch their future careers in those areas.

Hyundai learnerships cover various aspects of their operations, which are linked to different fields. For instance, learnership programmes in the sales department will provide learners with the following:

  • Knowledge of sales strategies
  • Market needs
  • Work ethics
  • Cmmunication, and
  • Customer relations in the automotive industry.

The programme is ideal for school leavers and graduates to learn about the Hyundai brand, its products, and its services. Additionally, it enables learners to experience working in a corporate environment, which helps prepare them for the future job market. For the duration of the learnership programme, the learners will get a mentor who will serve as a guide and source of inspiration for the duration of their learning journey.

What are the Requirements for the Hyundai YES Learnership?

To qualify for the Hyundai Learnership programme, candidates must be:

  • South African citizens 
  • Possess a minimum Grade 12 certificate. 
  • Additionally, learners should be self-motivated and committed to learning new skills consistently. 
  • They should possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as be passionate about working in the automotive industry.

Benefits of the Learnerships

The Hyundai learnership programme provides various benefits for the learners. The first is job security, as learners have a chance to gain valuable experience and skills they can use in the job market. Additionally, learners get the opportunity to earn a stipend for the duration of the learnership programme. Hyundai learners will receive a monthly remuneration that will cater to their transportation, meals, and other expenses during the programme.

Furthermore, after the completion of a learnership programme, learners will receive a certification that can help support their career prospects at Hyundai. This certification acts as an added advantage for learners, as potential employers recognise it as a valid representation of automotive industry experience.

How to Apply for the Hyundai YES Learnership

Go to the Hyundai Learnership portal and select the program you want to apply for.

In conclusion, the Hyundai learnership programme is an excellent initiative to combat South Africa’s unemployment situation among youths. The programme provides young and talented South Africans with a chance to gain valuable experience, learn practical skills, and advance their careers. It offers an exceptional opportunity for graduates seeking to start their careers in a corporate environment, specifically in the automotive industry. The Hyundai Learnership Programme guarantees a rewarding learning experience, leading to a better future for participating individuals.

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