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Absa Bursary Programme Application | Apply Now

Get the funding you need to further your education and pursue a career. Through the Absa Bursary Program, you will get a fully-funded opportunity to attain your educational goals. Do not miss out on this opportunity! Apply for the bursary fund today and take a step toward a brighter future!

Follow the guide below to see how you can apply for the program

About Absa

Absa is a pan-African organization that is inspired by the people it serves. They are driven to become a globally acknowledged organization that Africa can be proud of. They have worked in Africa for over a century. 

Absa devotes itself to developing bespoke solutions to particular local difficulties, and everything they do is geared toward creating value for stakeholders.

As a provider of financial services, they play an important role in the economic lives of individuals, organizations, and nations. They empower and enable by investing in people, raising communities, and enabling their customers’ dreams.

Absa Bursary Fund

Each year, Absa chooses a few talented top achievers and provides them with financial help so that they can finish their studies and potentially pursue a career if they qualify.

Apply for the Absa Bursary Programme and get assistance in realizing your dream of learning and pursuing a career.

What Does it Cover?

The Absa Bursary program provides funding for the following: 

  • Full university accommodation or University accredited accommodation
  • Full registration and Tuition
  • Textbook allocation
  • Meal allowance

Other Benefits of the Absa Bursary Programme

The Bursary Fund also provides the following:

  • Laptop
  • Transport allowance (Terms and conditions apply)
  • Buddying system to help you through your study journey
  • Soft skills training for easier integration into the world of work
  • Relevant workplace exposure through structured Vacation work
  • Access to a comprehensive range of counseling services offered by ICAS

Eligibility Requirements

  • Interested applicants must have work rights in South Africa
  • Must have a Secondary Education
  • Have a minimum aggregate of 75%
  • Must have a Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent
  • Must have a qualification in any of the following disciplines:
    • Actuarial Science
    • Computer Science
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Information Technology
    • Mathematics
    • Risk Management 
    • Statistics

How to Apply for Absa Bursary Fund

  1. Go to the Absa Career website.
  2. Click on Absa Scholarships
  3. Click on Absa Bursary Program.
  4. You will be directed to the Leap.ly website.
  5. Click on Apply Now.
  6. Fill out the application form
  7. Upload the required documents
  8. Submit.

Note: You must have a Leap.ly account before you can apply.

Other Absa Career Programs

Absa Scholarship Programme

Absa established the Education and Skills Scholarship Programme in 2016 to help it meet its commitment of Shared Growth via education. They attempted to contribute to the national plight in response to protests and calls for higher learning institutions across the country to reduce tuition fees. The goal is to reduce some of the financial stress on students from historically underserved neighborhoods.

Apply Now

Absa Graduate Program

Absa is looking for Africa’s top young Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics graduates to join a new generation known as GenA. They are A+ achievers—people who are on top of their game and proudly African.

If you want to be a part of GenA and grow not just your career but also your continent, they offer a customized program designed for your talent and unique characteristics.

Apply for the GenA Grad Program right now to get a taste of what it’s like to work with Absa.

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Absa Leanership Programs

Absa offers several learnership and internship programs to qualified candidates. Through these programs, applicants will get in-depth knowledge in their respective fields with one-on-one mentoring. They provide learning materials that will assist young people in developing employment skills, interpersonal skills, financial abilities, and entrepreneurial skills. Young people can choose their learning route based on their particular needs and complete their studies online via computer, tablet, or mobile platforms.

To cap it off, Absa pays the learner during the program. 

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Absa Internship Programs 

Absa offers several internship programs to help build the future of young people. These programs last 12 to 18 months. 

Apply Now

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