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Nedbank Graduate Program Application | Apply Now

 Here is the Nedbank Graduate Program list where you can gain practical work experience after earning your degree. See how you can apply for the list of programs available.

Nedbank Graduate Program 

Nedbank recognizes the importance of offering opportunities to tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. This is why they use their financial skills to supplement and enhance the academic and practical experience of tomorrow’s worthy superstars. By investing in the development of future leaders, they ensure that positive changes may be made for their people, businesses, and society for future generations.

Nedbank Graduate Program Categories

Quants Graduate Program

If you’re a quantitative graduate with demonstrated mathematical and statistical talents, an analytical mind, and a problem-solving approach to difficulties, the Nedbank Quants Graduate Program wants to hear from you.

You must also be registered for a postgraduate qualification in applied or pure mathematics, statistics, econometrics, engineering, financial engineering, or quantitative risk management, as well as have an interest in quantitative risk management in the financial services sector. Other qualifications with a strong quantitative component will be evaluated as well.

The graduate program is a two-year rotational program that allows you to get experience in various teams within the bank, allowing you to pursue your own career goals.


  • have a strong interest in quantitative risk management in the financial services sector; 
  • currently enrolled in a postgraduate program in applied or pure mathematics, statistics, econometrics, engineering, financial engineering, or quantitative risk management. Other qualifications with a strong quantitative element will be evaluated as well.

Benefits of the Quants Graduate Program

As a final-year undergraduate or post-graduate student, you will:

  • Learn about the role of a quant professional in a bank.
  • Discover Nedbank’s purpose-led and people-driven culture, mission, and brand.
  • Meet and network with seasoned quantitative professionals, executives, and recent graduates.
  • Improve your professional, leadership, and interview skills, as well as your personal branding; and
  • Be challenged by a wide range of quantitative and risk-related financial services tasks.

CIB Graduate Program

If you want to work in banking and finance, you could be a good fit for the Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) Graduate Program. It provides graduates with exposure to the full range of transactional, corporate, and investment banking solutions, lending products, advisory services, and global market customer coverage.

CIB hopes to attract, develop, and retain graduates who are aligned with both the transformation strategy and the pursuit of competitive advantage through the curriculum. 

Nedbank is searching for motivated, dynamic young graduates to investigate long-term, innovative solutions that provide value to clients so that they can help launch them into a lucrative career in banking.

Area of Qualification

  1. Agricultural science
  2. Computer science
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Data and analytics
  5. Engineering (all fields)
  6. Environmental science
  7. Finance and economics
  8. Information technology
  9. MCom (risk management of financial markets)
  10. MPhil (mathematical finance)

Benefits of the CIB Graduate Program

  1. A four-month foundational Corporate and Investment Banking program offered by an international service provider
  2. A 12-month program covering elements such as personal leadership and the latest developments in fintech, business acumen, and systems thinking, offering you the opportunity to involve with a Nedbank CIB-endorsed corporate social investment project as well as action learning projects.
  3. A permanent job if you qualify for the graduate program, offering you a unique Nedbank experience.
  4. Standard employee benefits and the opportunity to engage with top-management teams about the vision for CIB

CA Training Program

The Nedbank CA Training Programme is seeking postgraduate (honors) students who want to become chartered accountants (CA). One of the most significant advantages of this program is the ability to tailor your rotations in the bank to your intended career goals.

The program gives you access to coaches and mentors to help you progress professionally. You will have several opportunities to hone and enhance your leadership abilities, ensuring that you qualify as a well-rounded CA.


Applicants will:

  • Experience Nedbank’s purpose-led and people-driven culture, purpose, and brand; 
  • interact with Nedbank executives, program management, and trainees; 
  • gain insightful professional, leadership, and interview skills, as well as improve your personal branding; 
  • be challenged by a variety of relevant financial services-related activities; 
  • and gain valuable insights into the world of banking.

How to Apply for Nedbank Graduate Program

  1. Go to the Nedbank Graduate Program Portal.
  2. Choose the program you want to apply for.
  3. Click on “Join.”
  4. Fill out the application form.
  5. Submit

Other Nedbank Programs

Youth X

It can be beneficial to learn from someone who has already walked the path you are about to take. The Nedbank YouthX platform provides you with information and motivation to help you reach your full potential. They have teamed with some of the country’s best-known changemakers to provide guidance and industry knowledge in four areas:

  • Sport and entertainment
  • Technology and innovation
  • Social good and sustainability, and 
  • Arts and culture.

Nedbank Yes Program

The YES Program is a business-led government collaboration to reduce unemployment by allowing youngsters to learn new skills and obtain valuable industry experience, which will considerably increase their prospects of finding long-term future employment. 

The YES Program pays a monthly stipend to the participant.

Nedbank Learnserships

Nedbank offers many learnership programs related to the government’s National Skills Development Strategy in our ongoing quest to find talent, build capabilities, retain important workers, ensure good succession planning, and drive transformation. These learnerships contribute to the strategy’s aims of skill development and reducing poverty and unemployment.

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