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Eskom Career Opportunities | Apply for a Job at Eskom 

Eskom welcomes qualified candidates who wish to make a difference with their skills. Check out the various Eskom career opportunities available. Also, see the guide below to apply.

About Eskom

Eskom is the primary provider of commercial and residential electricity. With a focus on long-term expansion, the corporation also supplies and procures electricity from neighboring South African Development Community countries.

Eskom is one of the few surviving vertically integrated utilities that is linked to the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) via an interconnected system, which helps to maintain grid stability. Eskom relies on SADC members to keep transmission systems in their nations adequate and reliable.

The business is built on the generation, transmission, distribution, and sale of electricity, which is reinforced by the development of additional power plants and network infrastructure. 

Eskom Career Opportunities

Eskom welcomes qualified applicants who wish to make a difference with their skills. Here, you can put your knowledge to work and earn huge benefits. 

In recent months, Eskom has received an enormous response to its request for experienced people to come forward to assist with skill rebuilding and business recovery. 

Below is a list of the openings in the company:

Eskom Job Vacancies

  • Technical-Official-Customer-Network-Centre(DX)-X09-RANDFONTEIN SECTOR (Gauteng)
  • Senior-Supervisor-Tech-Cust-Network-Centre(DX)-Carletonville-CNC (Gauteng)
  • Senior-Technician-Electrical x2 -Plant-Performance-Distribution-Bloemfontein (Free State)
  • Manager-SHEQ-(Distribution)-Bethlehem (Free State)
  • Technician-Electrical-Distribution-Bloemfontein (Free State)
  • Officer-Safety-Health-and-Environmental-x2-(Distribution)-Bloemfontein-and-Kroonsta (Free State)
  • Security-Manager,Tx,Projects-Delivery-SHEQ,MWP (Gauteng)
  • Re-Advert Officer-Internal-Communication–(Rosherville)-ERI (Gauteng)
  • Senior-Supervisor-Facilities-Distribution-Bloemfontein (Free State)
  • Officer-Procurement-Distribution-Bloemfontein (Free State)

There are over 150 careers available on the Eskom Career Portal. See the full list of careers available.

Executive Vacancies

  • Senior-Manager-Retail-Distribution-Megawatt-Park-(Internal-only) (Gauteng)
  • Senior-Manager-Grids-(Apollo-and-Works-Planning-and-Centralised-Services-WPCS-Transmission-(Internal-only) (Gauteng)
  • Senior-Manager-Legal-Distribution-Megawatt Park(Internal-and-External) (Gauteng)
  • General-Manager-Operations-Distribution–Northwest-Rustenburg-Northern-Cape-Kimberly-Offices-(Internal-and-External) (Various locations)
  • Senior-Manager-Procurement-(Re-Advert)-Distribution-Megawatt-Park-(Internal-and-External) (Gauteng)
  • Senior-Manager-Retail-X2-(Re-Advert)-Distribution–East-London-Eastern-Cape-Bellville-Western-Cape-(Internal-and-External (Various locations)

Job Requirements

The requirements for each career opportunity vary. When you click on a career opportunity to apply for, you will see a list of the requirements.

How to Apply for Eskom Career Opportunities

Follow the guide below to apply for Eskomjob vacancies:

  1. Visit the Eskom Career Application Portal.
  2. Read through the program description.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click on “Continue to Apply.”
  4. Sign in or sign up (if you are a new user).
  5. Complete your application.

Note: Eskom is committed to equality, equity in the workplace, and diversity. Preference may be given, but is not limited to, candidates from under-represented designated groups following Eskom’s employment equality plan and its employment equity goals and targets. Eskom reserves the right not to fill any of the advertised positions. Candidates with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

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