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Google Internship Programs [Updated List] | Become an Intern

Internships can aid in the development of equal pathways for the development of digital skills. Google hopes to create a meaningful experience, a sense of community, and job preparation for a career in technology by giving apprentices the opportunity to earn a paycheck while learning and acquiring work experience. Check out the whole list of Google Internship programs available for application.

About Google Internships

Google interns work across Google, including on teams such as software engineering, business, and user experience, among others. Internships all over the world provide several possibilities for them to grow and contribute to the creation of products and services used by billions. 

Is Google Internship Paid?

Yes, all Google internships are paid positions with benefits and bonuses to help you learn and grow while on the program.

How Much is Google Internship Salary?

The Google Internship Program salary ranges are determined by the employee’s position, level, and location. The wage range indicated on each job posting reflects the position’s lowest and highest target salary for new employees in all US regions. Individual outcomes within the range are influenced by job-related skills and experience, as well as relevant education or training. During the hiring process, your recruiter might provide further details about the exact wage range for your chosen area. 

Google Internship Programs List

  • BOLD Internship
  • Business Internships
  • STEP Internship
  • Software Engineering Internship
  • Associate Project Manager Internship
  • Legal Internship
  • MBA Internship
  • Korean Veteran Business Internship
  • Hardware Engineering Internship

What are the Google Internship Requirements

To apply for internship programs on Google, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an outstanding academic performance or transferable experience at any level of schooling.
  • Depending on the track can speak and write in English and/or the local language fluently and idiomatically.
  • You must have a legal permit to work in the nation where you are applying.

What are the Google Internship Application Materials (Documents)?

  • A current résumé
  • One or more of the following occurs in nations other than the United States: Depending on the track and region, a cover letter, responses to several short answer questions, the most recent transcript available, or a required aptitude test.

How to Apply for Google Apprenticeships

Follow this step-by-step guide to apply for Google Apprenticeship programs:

  1. Go to Build Your Future With Google.
  2. Click on Internships.
  3. Select the program you want to apply for.
  4. Click on Apply at end of the program description page.
  5. Create a profile or continue to the application if you already have one.

Can International Students Apply for Google Internship Programs?

International applicants are welcome to apply if they have work authorization for the country in which they are applying and meet all of the other minimum qualifications included in the job description. Google requires each candidate to research the requirements for working in the position for which they are seeking. They will also be in charge of securing any required visas.

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