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USC Scholarship Programs Review | Full List of Scholarships

Scholarships offer funding to further your education. The good news is that you do not have to pay them back. Here are tons of scholarship opportunities you can apply for on the USC Scholarship Portal.

USC Scholarship Programs

Check out the categories of scholarships available at the University of South Carolina:

USC Scholarships for SC Residents

To assist make education more accessible, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers a number of merit scholarships. The state of South Carolina also offers scholarships to qualifying South Carolina residents.

Here are some of the scholarship programs:

  • LIFE Scholarship 

The Legislative Incentive for Future Excellence (LIFE) Scholarship is awarded based on merit. Its goal is to increase access to higher education and improve South Carolina students’ employability. It also gives students incentives to be better prepared for college and encourages them to finish on time. Based on the student’s initial college enrollment date, the scholarship may be applied to the cost of attendance for up to eight terms.

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  • HOPE Scholarship

This $2,800 state grant is valid for two semesters during your first year of college enrollment. If you are awarded a HOPE Scholarship, your award will be included in your award notification once the Office of Undergraduate Admissions receives your final high school transcript.

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  • Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is a merit-based initiative that honors the top high school seniors in academic achievement and encourages them to enroll in state colleges.

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USC Scholarships for Non-Residents

The University of South Carolina provides a large assortment of scholarships for non-South Carolina resident students through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Here are some of the scholarship programs:

  • Stamps Scholars (Approximately $191,000)
  • McNair Scholars (More than $184,000)
  • Horseshoe Scholars (More than $128,000)
  • Provost Scholars award (Up to $104,400)
  • Alumni Scholars Award (more than $116,900)

Departmental Scholarships

The majority of departmental awards go to returning students, however, you can check the scholarship database. Each college or university has its own unique application procedure. If you have any questions regarding the scholarships available, please contact the institution or school. 

Non-Institutional Scholarships

Here are some of the scholarship programs:

  • Coca-cola Scholarship
  • Big Future Scholarship
  • Tylenol Scholarship
  • Live Mas Scholarship
  • Burger King Scholarship

Health Workforce Scholarships

There are various scholarship programs that provide financial assistance to health professional students in exchange for a promise to serve medically underserved communities.

Here are some of the scholarship programs:

  • Nurse Corps Scholarship Program

The NURSE Corps Scholarship Program offers financial assistance to nursing students in exchange for a promise to serve at least two years in a qualifying NURSE Corps site. You must work at a Critical Shortage Facility (CSF) when you graduate as a requirement of admission into this program. The Nurse Corps Scholarship Program application ends in the spring.

  • National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program

The National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program covers tuition, fees, and other educational expenses, as well as a stipend, in exchange for a two-year commitment to work at an approved NHSC site. The application deadline for this program is in the spring.

  • Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship Program (NHHSP)

Native Hawaiians seeking careers in primary and mental health can apply for scholarships through the Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship Program. The program covers tuition, a monthly stipend, and other school-related expenses. Students must serve in a medically underserved area of Hawaii immediately following graduation/licensure for every year of funding received, with a least two years and a maximum of four years.

How to Apply

To apply for the  USC scholarship programs, you need to visit the official website of the University of South Carolina.

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