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SC HOPE Scholarship Program | Up to $2,800

South Carolina directly assists students who want to pursue higher education by offering a variety of need- and merit-based scholarships and grants. One of the scholarship and grant programs is the SC HOPE Scholarship.

See the program overview below:

About the SC HOPE Scholarship Program

This $2,800 state grant is valid for two semesters during your first year of college enrollment. If you receive a HOPE Scholarship, your award will be included in your award notification once the Office of Undergraduate Admissions receives your final high school transcript.

How Much is the SC HOPE Scholarship Program?

The HOPE scholarship offers up to $2,800. The $2,800 scholarship to USC Columbia students is divided into two parts: $2,500 for tuition and $300 for textbook costs. The HOPE Scholarship, in conjunction with any other scholarships or grants, may not exceed the cost of attendance as determined by Title IV regulations.

SC HOPE Scholarship Program Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be a United States citizen or an eligible noncitizen under state residency laws.
  2. At the time of high school, you must be a resident of South Carolina 
  3. You must have graduated from a South Carolina high school or graduated from a high school outside of South Carolina while a dependent of a parent or legal guardian who is a legal resident.
  4. Be a first-year, full-time undergraduate student pursuing your first baccalaureate degree.
  5. You must not be a South Carolina Palmetto Fellows or LIFE Scholarship recipient.
  6. You must not have been convicted of a second or subsequent misdemeanor involving alcohol or drugs in any state within the previous academic year.
  7. Must not have been adjudicated delinquent in any state, nor have you been convicted, pled guilty, or nolo contendere to any felony.
  8. You must not be in arrears on any federal or state financial aid or owe a refund or repayment.
  9. According to the SC Uniform Grading Policy, you must have a 3.00 final high school grade point average.
  10. You must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress 

How to Apply

You must complete an eligibility statement on Self Service Carolina if you qualify for a HOPE Scholarship. Go to SSC and select “Financial Aid, Aid Year Award.” Then click “Terms and Conditions” to finish the certification. Once you’ve finished the certification, click the “Accept Award Offer” button to claim your scholarship.

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