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Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program Application | Up to $29,200

South Carolina directly assists students who want to pursue higher education by offering a variety of need- and merit-based scholarships and grants. One of the scholarship and grant programs is the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship.

See the program overview below:

About the South Carolina Palmetto Scholarship Program

The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is a merit-based initiative that honors the top high school seniors in academic achievement and encourages them to enroll in state colleges.

How Much is the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship?

For their first year, Palmetto Fellows may receive up to $6,700, and for their sophomore, junior, and senior years, they may receive up to $7,500. The scholarship is split equally between the autumn and spring terms.

Qualified applicants must use the scholarship award to cover the total cost of attendance, less any other gift aid obtained. At a South Carolina four-year university that is qualified, qualifying Palmetto Fellows may receive awards for up to eight full-time terms of study toward their first bachelor’s degree.

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Enhancement

To boost the number of students majoring in math and science in South Carolina, the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Enhancement was created in 2007.

By the first academic year’s end, Palmetto Fellows must complete at least 14 credit hours of instruction in mathematics, life, and physical science, or a combination of both. They must also declare a major in a recognized math or scientific program to be eligible for enhancement.

How Much is the Award?

Beginning with their second/sophomore year of college attendance, eligible students may receive up to $10,000 (the combined amount from the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship and the Scholarship Enhancement) per year. At a South Carolina four-year university that qualifies, students may receive enhancement funding for up to six full-time terms of study toward their first bachelor’s degree.

Who is Eligible for the Scholarship?

To qualify for the scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • 3.5 SC UGP GPA
  • 1200 SAT or 25 ACT 
  • Top 6% rank in Grades 10, 11, or 12

If you do not meet the class rank criteria:

  • 4.0 SC UGP GPA
  • 1400 SAT or 31 ACT
  • 3.0 institutional GPA
  • Earn 30 credit hours per academic year (cannot include hours earned from AP, IB, CLEP, or dual enrollment)

How to Apply 

Please note that only school counselors may submit Palmetto Fellows Scholarship applications. Parental or student submissions will not be accepted. You must contact your school counselor to apply for the scholarship.

Scholarship Contact Details

Contact Kathryn Harris: (803) 856-0738

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