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The Paradigm Challenge | Win $100,000 in Student Contests

One idea is all it takes. Change the world by using your imagination to earn up to $100,000. The four- to eight-year-olds, nine- to thirteen-year-olds, and fourteen- to eighteen-year-olds who submit the best ideas will compete for the Paradigm Challenge Award at the ceremony.

See how you can join the contest below:

What is the Paradigm Challenge?

Students worldwide between the ages of 4 and 18 are welcome to participate in the Paradigm Challenge, an ongoing competition that encourages kindness, creativity, and teamwork to solve problems in the real world and make a difference.

How Much is the Award?

Below is a breakdown of the contest award:

First place (2 teams) – $10,000

Second place (3 teams) – $2,000

Third place (3 teams) – $1,000

Finalists (91 teams) – $200

Who is Eligible for the Paradigm Challenge?

The Challenge is open to students worldwide who are 4 to 18 (as of the entry’s submission date) and may enter individually or in teams of any size. For additional information on who is eligible to participate in the Paradigm Challenge, see the Challenge Regulations.

How to Join the Paradigm Challenge

Follow this guide below to join the Challenge:

Note: You must input all entries in English language and must be completed and received in their entirety by Sponsor before the deadline. 

Each entry must include the following:

  1. Team name (even if participating alone);
  2. Team member information, including each member’s first name, last initial, month and year of birth, and email (if any team members are under 13 years old, the email of a parent or guardian for each member under 13 must be provided);
  3. A brief statement of the idea (140 characters or less);
  4. Category of idea;
  5. Explanation of idea;
  6. Uploaded files and/or shared video links (optional); and
  7. Responses to questions regarding the team’s participation in The Challenge.

What Types of Entries are Valid?

Posters, movies, inventions, public service announcements, neighborhood gatherings, websites, mobile applications, and anything else supporting one or more of the Paradigm Challenge Projects are welcome.

Selection Criteria

Project Paradigm will choose no less than 100 of the submissions to be finalists in the Challenge. As entries are submitted for the current competition, finalists will be chosen. The First, Second, Third, and Grand Prize winners will be chosen by a distinguished team of judges who will examine the finalist entries’ efficacy, feasibility, creativity, presentation, and collaboration.

When is the Deadline?

The deadline to submit an entry for the current Paradigm Challenge is May 1.

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