December 1, 2023
loans direct Australia

Loans Direct Australia | Asset Financing from $100k to $1 Million

Loans Direct Australia serves as a bridge between you and the bank because they are your mortgage broker. They handle interactions with lenders and banking organizations on your behalf. Using this method, you can get a loan that fits your needs perfectly.

Whatever type of loan you need, offers you the solution. See the loan products below and how you can apply for each of them.

What is Loans Direct Australia?

Loans Direct is more than simply a broker; they also act as your go-to source for private lending. Experienced, driven, and professional: these characteristics sum up who they are as an organization. LoansDirect’s goal is to expand even further and close the financial gap for our clients. They serve a wide range of people and organizations, including business owners and entrepreneurs.

Is Good?

Loans Direct takes its responsibilities very seriously. They work with borrowers to put together a loan package that fits their needs and is precise and complete. At the same time, they work hard to keep connections with lenders solid and positive. By doing so, they can develop further and offer their clients the greatest choices.

Loans Direct Australia Loan Products

Home Loans


One way to finance the construction of multiple properties on one title is through property development finance. It is difficult to deal with banks and lenders in this situation. Professionals at LoansDirect will help you understand the approval process, costs, interest rates, and risk assessments.


Negotiating a better deal with your lender, let alone with a number of other lenders in the market, can be challenging at times. LoansDirect simplifies the process by serving as your “one-stop shop” and concluding discussions on your behalf behind the scenes, making our conversations brief enough to allow for discussion of other crucial issues.


Purchasing a home is a complex process, and comparing loans and deciding which one to use can be challenging. LoansDirect wants to help, walk you through the procedure, describe the various characteristics of the products available, and help you choose the best option for you.


A construction loan is created especially for borrowers who are constructing their own homes. As a result, when the builder makes progress with the project, you, the borrower, may budget when payments to the builder are due. The payments are specific to construction loans and are often made at significant points in the building process.

Equity Cash Out

You might be able to avoid taking out high-rate loans and instead turn to your mortgage if you need access to some cash for a forthcoming large bill. LoansDirect can assist you in finding the most advantageous ways to get the cash out.

Commercial and Property Finance

  • $500k – $100 Million


LoansDirect has a lot of experience in commercial and property financing, whether you want to acquire a commercial warehouse to invest in or plan to utilize it to expand your business. To offer you the best rate, they work with a number of lenders.


It might be difficult to secure financing for a factory. With the help of our professionals, you will be able to present yourself in the best possible way to give yourself the best chance of being approved because each lender has different requirements for loan approvals.

Specialized Security

Lenders have a different perspective on specialized security properties than they do on standard types of properties. Still, Loans Direct are aware of the benefits they can bring to investors and will work with them to find the best solutions.

Development 2-500 Units

LoansDirect can help with all stages of a project’s development, from paying for the initial land purchase to paying for the building phase to refinancing the finished stock.

Business Limits

  • ($1 Million+)

Business limits give you the freedom and control you need to position yourself for expansion. LoansDirect can help you get the loan you need, giving you more control and flexibility over how you manage your money.

Private Finance

  • $100k-$200 Million

Development Finance

LoansDirect is professional at securing specialized private financing for real estate developers and their development endeavors. Finding the right lender is important, but it can be hard to do because there isn’t a single place to look for reliable lenders. They can fund your venture for success thanks to their connections with exclusive lenders.

Caveat Loan

When time is of the essence, your business can’t wait for the long process of bank applications, valuations, and approvals. With a caveat loan, Loans Direct can assist you in starting the project in this situation.

2nd Mortgage & Mezzanine Finance

Property developers frequently employ 2nd Mortgage & Mezzanine Financing to increase their borrowing capacity against a specific property development. With Loans Direct’s experience and knowledge of the market, you can be sure to find the best way to reach your goal.

Equipment and Asset Finance

  • $1 Million – $100 Million

Vehicle Finance

Loans Direct can assist if your business needs financing for motor vehicles. They can help you get your new business vehicle by giving you a wide range of lenders to choose from and a number of financing options with very low rates of interest.

Equipment Finance

It can be necessary to boost your productivity as your firm expands. Your company’s new or upgraded equipment might make it run more smoothly, which would increase productivity. To meet your business’s financial needs, Loans Direct can examine a variety of financing strategies, such as leasing, hire purchase, and chattel mortgages. They provide very affordable financing options for a wide selection of commercial equipment.

Asset Finance

Asset financing means making hard choices about what the company needs, as well as dealing with accounting, tax, and a number of legal problems. LoansDirect uses ideas and experience to deal with the issues in the ever-changing asset and leasing industry so that it can give clients simple, workable solutions.

How to Apply for Loans on Loans Direct Australia

  1. Go to the Loansdirect Australia website.
  2. Click on “Apply Now.”
  3. You can download the form or fill it up online.
  4. Fill out the form and click on “Next.”
  5. Follow the prompts to complete your application.

Loans Direct Australia Contact Details


Phone number: 03 9819 4656

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