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Currently, there are so many options available that choosing where to go when seeking a financial services product can be challenging. Even more so on the Internet, where there seems to be a never-ending list of options and providers. However, we have narrowed it down to one of the best lenders for your financial needs: DirectChoice Loans.

What are DirectChoice Loans?

DirectChoice is aware that there are many options accessible to you from a range of suppliers in the market, whether you’re looking for a loan, life insurance, or short-term insurance. Their goal is to make your experience as simple as they can while still giving you the selection and variety of choices you deserve to see.

Direct Choice loans give users access to funds and the freedom to use them whenever they need them.

How Does Direct Choice Loans Work?

Directchoice is a free comparison service that doesn’t require you to sign up for anything. It is sure to have a solution for you, no matter what your preferences are or what your situation is. You can be confident that by utilizing Direct Choice, you’ll find something to fit your needs thanks to the wide selection of loan products. 

Direct Choice Loan Products

  • Auto loans

A car loan (also known as an automobile loan, or auto loan) is a sum of money a consumer borrows to purchase a car.

  • Debt consolidation loans

One way to refinance your debt is with a debt consolidation loan. You apply for a loan for the amount you owe on your current debts, and if you are granted it, you use the money to settle your bills.

  • Home renovation loans

A home renovation loan gives homeowners access to the funds they need to fix up their homes. 

  • Personal loans

A personal loan is a loan you borrow to take care of your personal needs.

How Much Can I Borrow on Direct Choice Loans in South Africa?

Loansdirect offers loans ranging from R5,000 to R300,000. To choose the loan amount you need, use the slider on the loan application page. 

Loan term: Most loan borrowers on LoansDirect South Africa choose to repay their loans within three years. However, you can choose to extend your repayment period up to six years.

How to Apply for Loans on DirectChoice

Follow this guide to apply for loans on

  1. Go to the Direct Choice website.
  2. Click on Loans.
  3. The loan application page will appear.
  4. Use the slider to choose the loan amount you need.
  5. Click on Apply Now.
  6. Fill out the loan application form below.
  7. Submit.

Direct Choice Contact Details

Phone: 0860 111 542

Office address: 108 de Waal Rd, Diep River, Cape Town, 7800

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