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Naira9ja Loan App Download | APK and iOS 

Do you need a speedy online loan application? This is what you require. You’ll get better service with the Naira9ja Loan app than with other loan applications. Simply download the app to start applying for loans right away.

To download the loan app, refer to the instructions below.

What is Naira9ja Loan?

Short-term loans are available to users in Nigeria through the reputable lending app Naira9ja. It is an app to use if you require a personal loan to pay bills or other necessities.

Naira 9ja is well renowned for providing people with rapid loans. Within a few hours of applying for a loan, you might have the money disbursed to you.

Is Naira 9ja Legit and Safe?

Naira 9ja employs cutting-edge data security and encryption methods to safeguard the information you submit with them. They never divulge personal information to third parties unless it is necessary for certain business operations, such as reporting failed loans to authorized credit bureaus. They do not share your credit profile or data.

How Does Naira9ja Loan Work?

Naira9ja offers loans to users with easy application procedures. Loan applications are simple to complete anywhere, anytime. No credit card, collateral, or guarantor is necessary to be eligible for loans.

There are only a few requirements to submit a loan application:

  1. Get the loan application.
  2. On the sign-up form, enter your details.
  3. submit a loan application.
  4. The amount of your loan will be deposited into the account you specify once it has been approved.

How Much Can I Borrow on Naira9ja?

Loan amounts offered by the Naira 9ja Loan app range from ₦5,000 to ₦500,000. New users might not be able to borrow the maximum loan amount, just like with other loan apps. Your borrowing limit will go up as you keep using the app.

To find out how much you are eligible for, go to the Naira 9ja loan app.

Loan term: 91 days to 365 days

Interest rate: 12% to 50% APR

Service fee: ₦0

Loan Requirements

You must meet the following requirements to qualify for loans on Naira 9ja:

  1. Must be a Nigerian resident
  2. Must be 18 years or above
  3. Have a valid bank account
  4. Have a valid phone number
  5. BVN

Note: Naira9ja Loan will request access to data on your phone to determine your eligibility.

Loan Repayment 

Follow the guidelines below to repay your loan

  1.  Open Naira9ja loan app 
  2. Click My Loan 
  3. Select the loan you want to repay
  4. Click Repay In Advance
  5. Verify that all details are correct and press Repay now  
  6. Select your Repayment method and press Repay now
  7. Complete your repayment

Note: To improve the amount of your loan offer, we strongly advise timely loan repayment.

How to Download the Naira9ja Loan App

To start enjoying quick loans, you need to download the Naira 9ja Loan app. 

Download the Naira9ja Loan App APK for Android

  1. Go to Google Play
  2. Search for Naira9ja
  3. Hit Install when the app is displayed.

Download the Naira9ja Loan app for iPhone

Unfortunately, there is no iOS version of the Naira 9ja loan app available. Only Android users can use the app in the meantime.

iPhone users can get loans using these apps

Naira 9ja Loan Contact Details

Naira9ja loan office: Plot GA 1, Ozumba Mbadiwe Ave, Victoria Island, Lagos

Email address:

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