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Google Disability Scholarship Program Reviews

The Google scholarship programs hope to encourage and assist students in becoming future leaders in computing and technology by removing the barriers that prevent them from pursuing careers in these fields. The Google Disability Scholarship is one of the programs that empower students with disabilities.

Below is an overview of the scholarship program

About the Google Europe Students with Disabilities Scholarship

Google’s education and scholarship programs help students overcome obstacles on their way to becoming leaders in computing and technology in the future. As part of their plan to help university students with disabilities achieve their academic goals in the field of computer science, they have worked with EmployAbility, a non-profit that helps students with disabilities get an education and a good job. 

How Much is the Google Disability Scholarship?

For the next academic year, chosen students will receive a reward of 7,000 EUR (or its equivalent in their home country). Qualified applicants must use the scholarship award to pay for university tuition, fees, books, supplies, and other necessities for their classes.

Who is Eligible for the Google Europe Students with Disabilities Scholarship?

The Google Europe Students with Disabilities Scholarship is open to anyone who meets the qualifications and rules. Applications are strongly recommended for students with disabilities who are interested in computer science. 

To qualify for the scholarship, the applicant must:

  1. Have, or believe they have, a disability that is either apparent or invisible (see EmployAbility’s approach to disability here)
  2. Be enrolled in a university as an undergraduate or graduate student for the current school year.
  3. Plan to enroll in or get accepted as a student for the next academic year in a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. program at an accredited university in Europe or Israel.
  4. Be enrolled in a program in informatics, computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related technical subject.
  5. Demonstrate a solid academic history.
  6. Show leadership qualities  
  7. Have a passion for technology and computer science.

What are the Required Documents?

To complete your application, you must submit the following documents:

  1. Resume or CV
  2. A letter of reference from a professor, instructor, adviser, or supervisor
  3. Academic transcripts from your current and previous institutions (if you have earned a degree)
  4. Essays answering a series of questions. (You can find the full essay questions and guidelines here)

How to Apply for the Google Disability Scholarship 

If you want to apply for the Google Europe Students with Disabilities Scholarship, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to EmployAbility’s website.
  2. Select Scholarships.
  3. Click on Google Europe Students with Disabilities Scholarship.
  4. Click on Apply.
  5. Submit the required documents. 

Note: You can’t apply through the Build Your Future With Google website. All applications go through the EmployAbility website.

Selection Criteria

The finalists will qualify based on how well their essays and other application materials compared to those of all the other applicants, or their peers. 

Make sure to write good essays and submit the required documents during your application. 

After the selection of qualified candidates, they will receive all scholarship money right away in their student account to pay for tuition and other school-related costs. Any scholar who stops meeting the requirements for eligibility will have their award taken away. Any scholar who stops meeting the requirements for eligibility will have their award taken away.

When is the Scholarship Closing Date?

Applications for the Google Disabilities Scholarship open in the first quarter of every year. Interested applicants must apply before the application closing date.

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