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QuickCredit Nigeria Loan App Download

Do you need a loan service with a 24-hour loan disbursement? Try out the QuickCredit Nigeria Loan app. Here, you can get loans within a few minutes of your application.

Below is an overview of the loan service.

What is Quick Credit Loan?

Quick Credit is a simple, technologically advanced lending platform that helps people get short-term microloans to cover immediate cash needs and emergency bills.

Is QuickCredit Nigeria Legit?

Quick Credit is a microloan service provided by Lubeck Capital Ltd. (RC. 1044655), a finance firm licensed by AMFIN and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria. 

Quick Credit is a trusted loan service in Nigeria. Over the years, clients have been able to use the lending platform to get instant loans without any problems.

How Can I Get Loans on Quick Credit Nigeria?

The QuickCredit loan service offers loans in easy steps. On the service, you can apply and qualify for loans within a few hours of submitting your application.

You can use the Quick Credit website or the mobile app to apply for a loan. Visit the website or app, register an account, and then apply for the amount you need.

How Much Can I Borrow on QuickCredit Nigeria?

On the Quick Credit Nigeria Loan service, you can borrow up to ₦100,000, with a repayment period of up to 90 days.

You can get a higher amount if you wish. However, they can only provide you with the loan offered on the screen at the moment of your application. As they learn more about you and accumulate records regarding your repayments with us, this could increase in the future.

How to Apply for Loan on the QuickCredit Nigeria Loan Website

  1. Visit the Quick Credit Loan website.
  2. Click on Register.
  3. Provide all the required information.
  4. Apply for loan.

How Long Does the Loan Process Take?

The entire procedure can be finished quickly. After you fill out our short application form and agree to the loan offer, your information is looked over, and most of the time, you will get a response to your loan request within minutes. If accepted, you will receive the cash after the application procedure is complete.

QuickCredit Nigeria Loan App Download

You need to get the Quick Credit loan app if you want to apply for and get a loan quickly. 

Quick Credit Loan App APK Download for Android

  • Visit the Quick Credit loan website.
  • Scroll to the bottom.
  • Click on the Google Play button.
  • Hit Install when the app is displayed. 

Quick Credit Loan App Download for iPhone

  • Visit the Quick Credit loan website.
  • Scroll to the bottom.
  • Click on the App Store button.
  • Hit Install when the app is displayed. 

QuickCredit Loan Contact Details

Quick Credit office address: 43, Churchgate Street, (Nurses House) Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria

Landline : +234(0) 806 226 6697

Mobile : +234(0) 701 769 0819

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