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SAE Scholarship Program List | Apply

As an engineering student, here is a list of the best scholarship awards for which you can apply. Below is a list of some of the top scholarships on the SAE Scholarship program list. Follow the guide provided below to start applying for scholarships.

About SAE Scholarship Programs

SAE International was one of the first organizations to bring together and train mobility experts to help make mobility solutions that are safe, clean, and easy to use.

SAE is a worldwide group of more than 128,000 engineers and other technical experts from the commercial vehicle, aerospace, and automotive industries. Two of their primary skills are making voluntary consensus standards and learning for life. Their mission is to advance mobility knowledge and solutions for the benefit of humanity.

SAE International is pleased to offer scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate engineering students thanks to the kind donations of several people, businesses, and academic institutions. These scholarships, which are funded by the SAE Foundation, help students do well in school and follow their passion for engineering.

SAE scholarships help students reach their goals of becoming engineers, which helps the engineering field grow in the future.

Types of SAE Scholarships

SAE International offers scholarships for different educational levels. Below are the different scholarship levels available:

  • Freshman Year of College
  • Sophomore Year of College
  • Junior Year of College
  • Senior Year of College
  • Graduate and Ph.D. Students

SAE Scholarship Program List

Here are some of the top scholarship awards available on the SAE International website. 

Tau Beta Pi/SAE Engineering Scholarship

Engineering honor society The Tau Beta Pi Association is the biggest engineering organization in the world. Tau Beta Pi was started by Edward Higginson Williams Jr. at Lehigh University in 1885. Since then, more than 610,000 people have joined the group. On 250 campuses nationwide, there are active collegiate chapters.

SAE and Tau Beta Pi are working together to give this scholarship to engineering students who want to go to college.

How Much is the Tau Beta Pi Scholarship?

Seven scholarships totaling $1,500 each will be given to first-year students only. They can use the money from the scholarship to pay for school, books, supplies, and other fees.

Apply for the Tau Beta Pi/SAE Scholarship

Toyota/SAE Scholarship

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America set up the Toyota/SAE Engineering Scholarship for University of Kentucky students to get more students interested in science and technology education and make connections between businesses, individuals, and educational institutions. One $2,000 scholarship will be given by SAE each year to an engineering student at the University of Kentucky.

How Much is the Toyota Scholarship?

Qualified applicants will get a scholarship award of $2,000 each. The scholarship fund will cover tuition, books, supplies, and other compulsory fees.

Apply for the Toyota/SAE Scholarship.

TMC Scholarship

In recognition of Donald D. Dawson’s visionary leadership, SAE and The Maintenance Council of American Trucking Associations have established this technical education fellowship. Dawson, as vice president of maintenance at Roadway Express, used SAE and TMC to try to bring together the goals of truck equipment users and manufacturers. 

Apply for the TMC Scholarship

SAE/Ford Scholarship

The Ford Motor Company Fund started the SAE/Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies Scholarship in 2007. High school students enrolled in Ford NGL Communities and Powered by Ford STEM Academies are eligible to apply.

How Much is the Ford Scholarship?

The SAE/Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies Scholarship gives qualified applicants $5,000 each year. The money from the scholarship can be used to pay for tuition, books, supplies, and other fees that have to be paid.

Apply for the Ford/SAE scholarship.

BMW Scholars Program

The local area technical colleges collaborate with the two-year BMW Scholars Program. As part of their degree program, students in manufacturing can work part-time at BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC and go to class full-time.

How Much is the BMW Scholarship?

$1500 per year to cover tuition and other compulsory fees. 

Apply for the BMW/SAE Scholarship

Who is Eligible for SAE Scholarships?

What you need to do to be eligible for a scholarship depends on the type of program you are applying for. Also, the selection committee will list the requirements for the scholarship program.

However, to apply for a scholarship on the SAE International website, you must register an account.

How to Create an Account on SAE

  1. Visit the SAE International website.
  2. Go to Login.
  3. Select Create an Account.
  4. Fill in your details.
  5. Create a password.
  6. Click Continue.

How to Apply for SAE Scholarships

Follow this application guide to apply for the SAE Scholarships:

  1. Go to the SAE International website.
  2. Go to Participate.
  3. Select Scholarships.
  4. Choose the scholarship program for which you want to apply.
  5. Click on Application Form.
  6. Register an account (if you are a new user) or log in (if you are an existing user)
  7. Apply for the scholarship and submit.

SAE Scholarship Contact Details

For more information contact

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