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Tau Beta Pi Scholarship Application Review

Get funding to further your education with the Tau Beta Pi Scholarship. Apply for the scholarship using the guide provided below.

Here is all you need to know about the scholarship program.

About the Tau Beta Pi/SAE Engineering Scholarship

Engineering honor society The Tau Beta Pi Association is the biggest engineering organization in the world. Tau Beta Pi has initiated more than 610,000 members in the 136 years since it was founded at Lehigh University in 1885 by Edward Higginson Williams Jr. On 250 campuses nationwide, there are active collegiate chapters.

SAE and Tau Beta Pi are working together to give this scholarship to engineering students who want to go to college.


The Tau Beta Pi organization tries to make engineering schools more liberal and gives awards to engineering students who do well in school and have good morals. The Association’s two biggest national acts of charity are its fellowship and scholarship programs. The fellowship program has given advanced study grants to 1,706 students, totaling $7,809,000. The scholarship program has given prizes totaling $6,557,000 to 3,369 engineering seniors.

How Much is the Tau Beta Pi Scholarship?

Seven scholarships totaling $1,500 each will be given to first-year students only. They can use the scholarship award to cover tuition, books, supplies, and other compulsory fees.

Is the Tau Beta Pi Scholarship Open?

Applications for the TauBetaPi Scholarship open on February 1. Interested applicants must go to the SAE International website to apply for the scholarship.

The scholarship application guide is available below. Follow the guide to applying for the scholarship.

Tau Beta Pi Engineering Scholarship Requirments

  • Applicants must be US citizens
  • Incoming Freshman
  • The applicant must be pursuing an engineering or related science degree through a U.S. ABET-accredited program.
  • Have a minimum unweighted 3.75 grade point average
  • Applicants must be current/recent student participants in the Ford NGL Network and/or a Powered by Ford STEAM Academy

Application Requirements

To complete your application, you need to provide these documents:

  • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation
    • One (1) that focuses on academics, and 
    • One (1) that speaks to your involvement in extra-curricular activities or employment. The applicant must describe how they took part in a non-high school project during their junior or senior year that involved community service. Please describe the contributions made and the role played. The candidate will also describe their leadership qualities.

How to Apply for the Tau Beta Pi Scholars Program

Follow this guideline outlined below to apply for the Tau BetaPi SAE engineering scholarship.

  1. Visit the SAE International website.
  2. Go to Participate.
  3. Select Scholarships.
  4. Choose the Tau Beta Pi/SAE engineering scholarship.
  5. Click on Application Form.
  6. Register an account (if you are a new user) or log in (if you are an existing customer)
  7. Apply for the scholarship.
  8. Submit.

Note: Your application is incomplete until you upload the required documents.

When is the Scholarship Closing Date?

Applications for the Engineering Scholarship open on February 1 and close on February 28.

Note: Applicants must endeavor to apply before the scholarship deadline. There will be no extensions once the deadline has passed.

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