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KFC Scholarship and Grant Application 

Do you want to pursue your dreams of going to college? Here is an educational grant opportunity to apply for. The KFC scholarship and grant scheme offers high school seniors and graduates the opportunity to qualify for free studies.

Below is an overview of the KFC Foundation’s scholarship and grant program.

How Much are the KFC Scholarships and Grants?

  1. $20,000 scholarships (11 slots available)
  2. $5,000 scholarships (Hundreds of slots available)
  3. $2,500 scholarships (Hundreds of slots available)

KFC Scholarship Programs

GED Graduate Scholarship Guarantee

The KFC Foundation Scholarships are selective, thus not every applicant will be chosen. Those who complete the KFC Foundation’s GED program, apply for the scholarship, adhere to all guidelines, and achieve all qualifying standards will either be awarded a $2,500 or $5,000 scholarship to further their education!

Janet L. Kuhn Scholarship

In December 2016, Janet Kuhn—the director of training and execution at KFC—died unexpectedly. The KFC Foundation (KFCC) and two generous KFC franchisees created a memorial scholarship fund in response to her passing.

One KFC Foundation Scholarship recipient per year can double their grant money thanks to the Janet L. Kuhn Scholarship. That implies that, in addition to their scholarship grant, the Janet L. Kuhn Scholarship winner would also get a total of $5,000 to $10,000! To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must complete an essay as part of the application process.

Furthermore, scholarship recipients also have access to a mentoring program, where they are purposefully matched with a mentor based on their major or interests, to support them as they make decisions about their educational paths, careers, and other matters.

Who is Eligible for the KFC Foundation Scholarships?

To qualify for the KFC Foundation scholarship and grant, the applicant must meet all the eligibility criteria.

  • The applicant must be a high school senior, graduate, or equivalent.
  • Applicants must plan to enroll in college, trade/vocational school, or graduate school for the semester following the REACH Grant application period.
  • Must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • The applicant must work as a general manager, assistant manager, shift supervisor, or other team members at a KFC restaurant that is a part of the franchise donation program run by the KFC Foundation.

How to Apply for the KFC Foundation Scholarship?

  1. Go to the KFC Foundation website.
  2. Go to Programs.
  3. Select REACH.
  4. Follow the prompts to apply.

Can I Renew My Scholarship?

Year after year, you are eligible to reapply and perhaps obtain a scholarship. The scholarship award is a competitive program, so not every applicant will receive a scholarship.

When is the KFC Scholarship Closing Date?

Applications for the KFC Scholarship open on February 1 and close on February 28. \

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