December 1, 2023
vivaloan application review

Vivaloan Application | Personal Short Term Loans

Getting by every day is now becoming a hard task. You may need a little cash to float you till the next payday. One of the best places to get loans is the Vivaloan website.

On Viva Loan, you get to enjoy fast loan applications and disbursement on the next payday.

Below is a review of the Viva Loan website.

Vivaloan Reviews

Vivaloan is neither a bank, a lender, a broker of loans, or an agent of any of these. Viva Loan does not make loans, participate in the loan approval process, or in any other way influence how a lender makes decisions. It is a free, no-obligation service that connects potential borrowers with potential lenders that provide loans. Vivaloan only offers a channel for those looking for loans to potentially get in touch with lenders that can offer those loans.

Is Vivaloan legit?

VivaLoa is OLA-compliant. As a result, you can be confident that the company you are doing business with is committed to the highest moral standards, determined to provide their users with the best experience possible, compliant, and making every effort to protect clients from fraud.

Viva Loan Products

  • Personal Loans

A personal loan is one that is typically used for domestic, family, or personal purposes. Since no collateral, such as property, is required for these loans, they fall under the category of “unsecured loans.” All you need to qualify is identification documentation and a steady source of income. Payments for personal loans are usually made in predetermined monthly installments.

  • Short Term Loans

Any form of short-term or urgent financial need can be met with a short-term loan because they are quick, simple, and handy. Cash advances, another name for short-term loans, are frequently used for financial emergencies like home or auto repairs, unforeseen medical expenses, or when you are running a little short on your budget until your next paycheck.

Viva Loan Requirements

To qualify for loans on Vivaloans, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. The applicant must be a US citizen and resident
  2. Have a job
  3. Have a stable income
  4. Provide proof of income
  5. Have a valid bank account

How Much Can I Borrow on VivaLoan?

Users at Vivaloan can submit loan requests for amounts ranging from $100 to $15,000. Your income, employment status, credit history, state of residence, and your loan lender all affect how much you get. 

However, $15k is not accessible to everyone. If your initial loan request is turned down, you may still be qualified for a smaller loan.

Can I Borrow Loans With Bad Credit?

VivaLoan lenders look at a wide range of factors, including your personal information, occupation, and state of residency, to determine your eligibility. They collaborate with lenders who offer loans to borrowers with good credit, ordinary credit, or bad credit. You can be eligible for a loan even if you are in the midst of restoring your credit.

How to Apply for VivaLoan

Follow this guide to apply for loans on Viva Loans:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Fill out the online application. It only takes five minutes to complete.
  3. After your loan approval, you need to e-sign the loan documents.
  4. You will receive the funds on the next business day.

Loan Repayment Procedures

To meet your financial demands, Viva Loan’s lending network consists of both installment and short-term loan lenders. Depending on the type of loan you applied for, you need a certain period to repay it. Installment loans are repaid over a number of months, typically between 12 and 60. Cash advances, also known as short-term loans, are frequently in the $1,000 or less range and you need to repay them on your next paycheck.

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