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Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship & Internship

Get up to $40,000 to finance your education at any approved university through the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship. Also, get a paid internship as a scholarship winner.

Below is the guide to applying for the AFE scholarship and internship.

About the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

Supporting underserved students in their pursuit of a computer science education is essential to the development of a diverse tech sector and the future. Students have the chance to advance their careers through the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship program, which offers a $40,000 scholarship award. 

The administrator of the Amazon Future Engineers scholarship is Scholarship America®. It is the largest designer and manager of scholarships and other educational support programs for businesses, foundations, associations, and individuals. The sponsor decides if an applicant qualifies for a given program, and the evaluation staff at Scholarship America looks over any accepted applications. Without regard to age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or country of origin, deserving applicants may qualify for the scholarship.

About the Amazon Future Engineer Internship

After finishing their first year of college, recipients of the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship are also promised a compensated 12-week summer internship at Amazon. AFE interns at Amazon collaborate with a co-intern, manager, and mentors to create projects that have a genuine impact on Amazon customers while working embedded on a team of software or hardware engineers. 

The Alexa voice technology, Amazon Web Services, and the Amazon retail platform are just a few of the ground-breaking technologies and key platforms that interns get to work on at Amazon. 

Along with their project work, Amazon Future Engineer interns learn about the Amazon company through fireside conversations with top leaders, in-depth tech team presentations, and an annual hackathon to develop Alexa skills.

Is the AFE Scholarship Open?

The AFE scholarship application is ongoing. With the help of college finance, paid internships, and business mentors, Amazon Future Engineer students can improve their future for both themselves and their community. 

How Much is the Amazon Future Engineers Scholarship?

Award winners earn a $10,000 prize every year, for a total of $40,000! Awards are extendable for up to three years or until the recipient earns a bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first. The applicant must continue to attend full-time at a recognized four-year college or university.  Also, they must maintain excellent academic standing with their university to renew.

Who is Eligible for the AFE Scholarship?

To qualify for the Amazon scholarship, the applicant must:

  • Must be a citizen of the United States, a permanent resident, or have employment authorization to work there. 
  • Currently enrolled in or have successfully finished a dual degree program in computer science, engineering, or robotics as a senior in high school in the US. Students who have not taken the course may choose to take an Amazon evaluation. 
  • Be intending to graduate from an accredited 4-year college with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, robotics, or another field of study closely related to computer science. Or, from a 2-year college with the intention to transfer to a 4-year college. 
  • Possess a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3 on a scale of 4.0(or equivalent)
  • Demonstrate financial need.

How to Apply for the Scholarship

Follow this step-by-step guide to applying for the AFE scholarship.

  1. Go to the Amazon Future Engineers scholarship website.
  2. Click on Apply Now.
  3. You will be directed to the Scholarship America portal.
  4. Fill out the application form.
  5. Upload supporting documents
  6. Submit.

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