November 30, 2023
american express scholarship application

American Express Scholarship Application Guide

Apply for one of the educational support programs of Scholarship America: American Express Scholarship. Get free educational opportunities to study in the U.S or Canadian universities.

Here is an overview of the Amex scholarship program:

What is the American Express Scholarship?

The American Express Scholarship Program, established in 1987, is funded by the American Express Foundation and aims to promote and reward academic performance and assist American Express staff members in paying for their kids’ undergraduate college educations.

The administrator of the Amex scholarship is Scholarship America®. It is the largest designer and manager of scholarships and other educational support programs for businesses, foundations, associations, and individuals in the country. The sponsor decides if an applicant qualifies for a given program, and the evaluation staff at Scholarship America looks over any accepted applications. Without regard to age, gender, sexual orientation, handicap, or country of origin, deserving applicants may qualify for the scholarship.

How Much is the American Express Scholarship?

If chosen, a student demonstrating financial need will receive a grant between $2,000 and $4,000; these awards are renewable for up to three years or until the student earns a bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first.

Approved Universities

Applicants may use the scholarship award for undergraduate study at recognized colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. 

Who is Eligible for the American Express Scholarship?

To qualify for Amex Scholarship, the applicants must be:

  • Children (dependent) of American Express Company or a subsidiary of American Express active, regular, full-time U.S. employees, U.S.-assigned personnel, or Canadian employees.
  • Current high school seniors who intend to enroll in a full-time undergraduate program in the fall immediately after graduation at an accredited two- or four-year college or institution.

What Documents Do I Need to Provide?

  • An online recommendation form on your behalf 
  • A current, complete transcript of grades (the transcripts must display the student’s name, school name, grades, and credit hours for each course and term in which each course was taken)

Note: You must upload a copy of your test score report(s) separately if you are submitting SAT or ACT test results and those results are not shown on your high school transcript. 

You must submit all documents electronically. 

How to Apply for the American Express Scholarship

  • Go to the Scholarship America website.
  • Log in to your account (if you are an existing user) or sign up (if you are a new user)
  • Search American Express Scholarship.
  • Click on Apply.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Upload supporting documents.
  • Submit.

Approval Process

Selection Criteria:

Applicants can qualify for the American Express Scholarship based on the following:

  • Academic records
  • Work experience
  • Unusual personal or family circumstances
  • An online recommendation.
  • Leadership and participation in school and community activities
  • A statement of goals and aspirations

The amount of each award will be decided when the scholarship candidates have been chosen, considering their financial needs. Applicants who show no need or who do not provide accurate financial information will receive a one-time honorarium of $750. 

How Do I Receive the Scholarship Funds?

Scholarship America manages the American Express Foundation’s scholarship payouts. 

Qualifying applicants will receive equal payments in late August and on December 15. Each awardee will receive a check in the mail, at their home address, payable to the school.

Amex Scholarship Renewal Process

Renewal of the Amex Scholarship is based on maintaining a GPA of 3.0 while enrolled full-time and the American Express Foundation continuing the program. Those who do not demonstrate need or do not provide accurate financial information are only eligible for a one-time honorarium of $750 if they qualify as recipients.

When is the Scholarship Deadline?

The Amex scholarship application closes on February 1, 2023, at 4:00 pm Central Time.

Amex Scholarship Contact Details


Tel: 800-537-4180

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