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Quickfin Loan Application | Get Quick Cash Loan

Do you need to get your hands on instant cash? Try out the Quickfin loan platform today.

The days of going through traditional financial institutions and wasting precious time are over. Now, you can borrow any amount from the comfort of your home. 

See the loan application procedures on Quickfin:

What is Quickfin Loan?

Quickfin Nationwide is an accredited financial services provider operating in South Africa. The mission of Quickfin Nationwide is to offer low-cost, easily accessible loan solutions to working-class people who have little to no access to formal credit through banks.

By combining specialized software and technology with their highly qualified personnel, they take pleasure in being at the forefront of innovative and reasonably priced lending solutions.

How Do I Get Loans on Quickfin?

The loan application process on Quickfin is easy. The goal of the service is to offer loans as quickly as possible. 

You can get loans on Quickfin in three ways:

  • Online application,
  • Via SMS,
  • Or call

You can apply and be approved right away. If your loan application is granted or denied, Quickfin Nationwide will notify you through SMS after you’ve finished and submitted the application procedure.

If your application is accepted, Quickfin will deposit the loan amount onto a Visa debit card or a personal bank account. Please remember to pay the entire balance due on the stated repayment date following the loan agreement.

How Much Can I Borrow on Quickfin Loans?

Quickfin offers loan amounts up to R8,000. However, as a new user, you can only borrow up to R2,500. Your loan limit will increase when you continually use the service and pay back your loan on time. 

Repayment period: 45 days

And to thank you for a loan that was given to you following the timely repayment of your initial loan. As an existing client, you now have access to a significantly streamlined application process for follow-up loans; log into your account using your ID number and password.

Quickfin Loan Requirements

  1. South African ID, 
  2. The applicant must be 18 years or older, 
  3. Applicants must be permanently employed, 
  4. Bank account and receive a monthly payslip.

To apply for loans on Quickfin, you need to provide the following:

  • a copy of your ID, 
  • And three months’ bank statements or your most recent payslip.

How to Apply for Loans

How to Apply Online

  1. Go to the official Quickfin loan platform.
  2. Choose the loan amount and repayment term.
  3. Click on Apply Now.
  4. Fill out the application form.
  5. Submit the supporting documents.
  6. Submit.

Apply Via SMS

SMS “LOAN” to the number of the service provider you are using.

8ta: 071 1600080 04091

MTN: 083 7758000 04091

Vodacom:082 0070052 04091

Cell C/Virgin: 084 0002280 04091

How to Apply via Phone Call

Contact one of Quickfin agents on Quickfin’s call center: 044 874 0015 or 044 884 0311

Find a Quickfin Loan Branch Near You

George, Mitchell’s Plain, Gatesville, Simon’s Town, Plettenberg Bay, Rustenburg, Pinetown, and Middelburg all have Quickfin Nationwide locations.

To find the nearest branch to you:

  • Go to the Quickfin website,
  • Go to Contact, 
  • Select your region,
  • You will see a list of the offices, with addresses and contact numbers.

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