November 30, 2023
moe pre-university scholarship

MOE Pre-University Scholarship Application 

As Pre-University 1 student, you can qualify for the Ministry of Education’s scholarship programs. One of the awards to apply for is the MOE Pre-University scholarship. You can qualify for a stipend amount of $2,400 every year.

Here is all you need to know about the MOE scholarship award:

What is the MOE Pre-University Scholarship?

MOE – Ministry of Education

This scholarship is available to pre-university students. The top Pre-University 1 students who have earned exceptional academic results and excelled in co-curricular and other activities can apply for this scholarship. Qualified students will get up to $2400/year with the scholarship.

Is the MOE University Scholarship Open?

The Ministry of Education’s pre-university scholarship is open to applicants who wish to apply. To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must be an excellent student with outstanding results. 

What Does it Cover?

The award includes a $750 yearly allowance as well as tuition based on Singapore citizen rates, less any subsidies, up to an annual ceiling of $2,400, provided the student passes the requirements for renewal. Qualified students receive the award for 2 years.

Who is Eligible for the MOE University Award?

Qualified applicants are citizens of Singapore or non-citizens with at least one parent who is a citizen of Singapore, who:

  • Have demonstrated a history of academic excellence and have earned an overall GCE O-Level score of 8 points or less (without bonus points deduction) in English and Higher Mother Tongue, or Mother Tongue and 5 relevant subjects as per the Pre-University admission criteria, or an equivalent score based on the school’s internal assessment.
  • Have excellent extracurricular activities result.
  • Possess a clean behavior history.

Note: Except for the Edusave Scholarships for Independent Schools (ESIS), scholarship applicants should not hold any other MOE scholarships concurrently.

How to Apply for MOE Pre-University Scholarship 

  • Go to the application portal (
  • Log in with your Singpass account.
  • Fill out the application form.

To support your application, you need to write and submit a 500–600 word essay outlining your personal goals, major interests, and ambitions, as well as your rationale for applying for the scholarship.

Selection Process

Your school will recommend you for the scholarship selection interview, which starts in early March if you are enrolled in the Integrated Programme.

Based on your GCE O-Level test results, you will be invited for the scholarship selection interview if you are not enrolled in the Integrated Programme. Interviews begin in early April.

When is the MOE Pre-University Scholarship Application Deadline?

For Integrated Program students, the scholarship application opens on October 17 and closes on November 16.

Applications open in mid-February for all other students.

Note: Applicants must endeavor to apply before the closing date. MOE will not accept any applications once the deadline has passed.

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