June 23, 2024
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SP Scholarship Application | Singapore Polytechnic

As a bright Singaporean student, here is a list of the scholarships and award programs you can apply for. The SP scholarship portal has tons of schemes for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Here is an overview of the Singapore Polytechnic scholarships and how you can apply.

What is the Singapore Polytechnic Scholarship and Award?

Singapore Polytechnic (SP), aims at making sure that full-time students with outstanding academic records, leadership characteristics, a variety of abilities, and outstanding achievements receive the recognition they deserve.

They award scholarships to high-caliber candidates who exhibit exceptional leadership abilities in addition to academic and co-curricular achievements.

On the SP scholarship application portal, there are tons of schemes Singaporean students can qualify for.

SP Scholarship and Award List

Below is a list of the scholarships you can apply for on the Singapore Polytechnic scholarship application portal:

  • The SP Scholarship and SP Engineering Scholarship 

The SP Scholarship and SP Engineering Scholarship are merit-based awards given to high-caliber candidates. To qualify for this scholarship, the applicant must exhibit exceptional leadership abilities in addition to academic and co-curricular achievement. Deserving students can apply for up to 30 SP Scholarships and 30 SP Engineering Scholarships each year.

  • Arts and Sports Award / Scholarship

The Arts and Sports Award/Scholarship honors students who have excelled in or made contributions to the national or higher level in the arts or sports sector.

  • Service-Learning Award

The Service-Learning Award honors students who have demonstrated their commitment to and contributions to the underserved and vulnerable community through active participation in service-learning, whether as SP students participating in or leading programs or in their individual capacity outside of SP.

  • Singapore Polytechnic Outstanding Talent (SPOT) Programme

The SPOT program at Singapore Polytechnic is a talent development initiative created to mold today’s academically gifted students into the humanitarians, communicators, leaders, and scholars of the future.

  • EDGE Scholars Program 

The EDGE Scholars Program is an invitation-only program that offers a variety of educational options and personal growth chances to SP’s top students. The EDGE team believes that students can be helped to reach their full potential.

  • PFP Study Awards

After enrolling in the Polytechnic Foundation Programme in SP, top PFP students will receive the SP PFP Study Award.

  • Scholarships and Sponsorships for your Polytechnic Studies

Applicants can also submit an application for sponsorship and scholarships provided by other organizations. They are available at various times throughout the academic year. They also have a variety of eligibility requirements.

Who is Eligible for SP Scholarships and Awards?

SP Scholarships are exclusive to outstanding Singaporean citizens. To qualify for these scholarships, the student must:

  • Be Singapore citizens or Singapore permanent residents.
  • Have strong leadership qualities and potential
  • Have good co-curricular activities records in secondary school/ ITE (or equivalent) and in SP. For example, CCA grades A1 or A2 in secondary school; an A grade for ITE graduates. Or, at least a BRONZE CCA grade at the end of Year 1 Semester 1 in SP
  • Be ranked in the top 5% of their diploma course cohort after their year 1 Semester 1 examination.
  • Have good pre-SP academic records
  • Have no disciplinary records.

How to Apply for SP Scholarships and Awards

  1. Go to the Singapore Polytechnic scholarship portal.
  2. Go to Students Services.
  3. Select Scholarships and Awards.
  4. Choose the program for which you want to apply.
  5. Scroll down to Application. 
  6. Click on the submission link.

Where Can I Get the SP Scholarship Application Form?

When you click on the application link, it will direct you to the application portal. You will find the application form for the scholarship or award for which you want to apply.

SP Scholarship Contact Details

The Singapore Polytechnic office address is 500 Dover Road Singapore 139651


Contact number: 6775 1133

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