December 1, 2023
AAFMAA military cap loa

AAFMAA Military CAP Loan Online Application

Are you a Veteran or a family member of one? You can take advantage of the financial assistance called the AAFMAA military CAP loan.

Here is what you need to know about the loan and how to apply online.

What is AAFMAA Military CAP Loan?

For many years, AAFMAA has offered loans through its Career Assistance Program (“CAP”) as a perk of membership. For qualified Active Duty personnel with a certain minimum of insurance in force, the CAP Loan is a feature of AAFMAA membership.

Who is Eligible for the AAFMAA CAP Loan?

The AAFMAA loan is available for all AAFMAA members with $250,000 of Term or $50,000 of Value-Added Whole Life insurance. To also qualify, the member must be on Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserve in ranks E-5 to O4, including all Warrant Officers.

What are the Requirements for the Military Loan?

To be eligible for the AAFMAA military CAP loan applicant must:

  • Be an AAFMAA member
  • Have a valid email address
  • Have a checking account at Armed Forces Bank (AFB. 
  • Deposit two months insurance premium (Active Duty and eligible Guard/Reserve), one month insurance premium deposit for (Guard/Reserve)

Military Loan Required Documents

Here are the documents you need to prepare for your application:

  • Social Security numbers,
  • Dates of Birth, and
  • Addresses of anyone who you may name in your policy (Owners, Payers, or Beneficiaries – addresses not required for beneficiaries)
  • Copy of Your ID (driver’s license or Passport)
  • Copy of Your LES

Become an AAFMAA Member

  1. Go to the AAFMAA website.
  2. Click on Member Centre.
  3. Click on Create Account
  4. Follow the prompts to complete your application.

How to Apply for AAFMAA Military CAP Loan

  • Go to
  • Click on Apply Now.
  • Read the instruction on the application page.
  • Click on Begin.
  • Fill out the form.

After the Application, What Next?

After you have successfully submitted your application, it goes under these stages:

  1. AAFMAA will review your application
  2. AFB will set up your account and send a welcome package to you.
  3. Before you receive the loan, AAFMAA will handle your initial premium payments and set up your automatic premium and loan payments.
  4. You will receive the loan advance in your AFB account.

How Do I Receive the AAFMAA CAP Loan?

When AAFMAA receives your first payment by allotment or when your bank account was drafted, they will deposit your loan into your AFB account by the second business day of the following month. As soon as the deposit is wired to AFB, AAFMAA will email you to let you know.

AAFMAA Loan Contact Details

Phone number: 1-888-541-3705

Email Address:

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