June 23, 2024
fully funded scholarships without ielts

Fully Funded Scholarships Without IELTS | Apply

Most international students dread the IELTS exams. That is why they seek scholarship opportunities without taking the exam. Here is a list of the best fully funded scholarships without IELTS.

Why Do Students Detest the IELTS Exam?

International applicants who wish to study or work in a nation where English is the official language must pass the IELTS exam. IELTS is an accepted test for university applications in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada.

One of the main reasons international students detest the IELTS test is because most of them don’t speak English as their first language, and they only study the language for a very short time to pass English proficiency assessments. This could account for some of the pupils’ low English Proficiency Test scores.

Also, the expensive nature of this exam may also turn off international students. IELTS registration and training courses can be costly in some nations. This high price may deter pupils from trying.

Can I Get Fully Funded Scholarships Without IELTS?

 There are several scholarship schemes without the IELTS exam, available for international students. They can qualify for these scholarships without taking the International English Language Testing System exams. 

How Can I get Fully Funded Scholarships Without IELTS?

  1. You can ask your institution to give you an “English Proficiency Certificate” proving that you finished your studies at an English institute if you want to get a fully funded scholarship but don’t want to take the IELTS exam.
  2. For international students to demonstrate their English language skills, there are IELTS alternative exams available. With the use of these other IELTS exams, international students may be able to obtain fully financed scholarship opportunities.

IELTS Alternative Exams

  1. American ACT English Test
  2. Business English Test Versions
  4. Cambridge English Tests
  5. CanTest
  6. Duolingo DET Test
  7. IELTS indicator Test
  8. Password English Test
  9. The PTE UKVI
  10. TOEFL

List of Fully Funded Scholarships Without IELTS

  • University of Brunei Darussalam Scholarship

The government of Brunei provides thousands of scholarships for study at Universiti Brunei Darussalam to both locals and foreigners.

This fully-funded scholarship will cover all living expenses, tuition, books, meals, personal expenses, and complementary medical care at any government hospital in Brunei. It will also cover travel expenses, handled by the Brunei Darussalam Foreign Mission in the scholar’s home country or the Brunei Darussalam Mission nearest to that country.

Programs: Bachelor, Masters, PhD

  • Azerbaijan Government Scholarship

Azerbaijan Government Scholarship is available to international students who wish to study there for their undergraduate, master’s, or doctorate degrees.

This scholarship pays for tuition, a round-trip ticket, a monthly allowance of 800 AZN, health insurance, and visa and registration costs.

The programs provide an annual opportunity for 40 applicants to enroll in preparatory courses and undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral general medicine/residency programs at Azerbaijan’s top universities.

Programs: Bachelor, Masters, PhD

  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships 

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship comes with a salary of £17,848 per year, health insurance, up to £2,000 for academic advancement, and a family allowance of up to £10,120.

Ph.D. applicants will get about two-thirds of these awards, with 25 awards available in the US round and 55 awards available in the international round.

Programs: Masters and PhD

  • Schwarzman Scholarship

Schwarzman Scholarship is the first scholarship program designed to fit the geopolitical environment of the twenty-first century. The scholarship pays the full costs, with the intention of educating the following generation of world leaders.

The program offers the best and brightest students in the world the chance to develop their leadership skills and professional networks through a one-year Master’s degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing, one of China’s most prestigious universities.

Program: Master’s degree


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