December 1, 2023
fahimta loan

Fahimta Loan – Fahimta Microfinance Bank | Nigeria

Check out the guide to see how you may apply for loans if you need them to pay your bills. View the simple steps for applying for Fahimta loan online on the Fahimta Microfinance Bank.

See the requirements to apply for loans on Fahimta Microfinance bank.

About Fahimta Microfinance Loan

Clients in Kaduna can obtain quick loans from Fahimta Microfinance Bank, a loan provider with a Kaduna location, with ease and security. The company is among the simplest institutions from which to obtain loans. The bank has currently given out thousands of loans to customers.

Financial empowerment for their clients is one of the key goals of the Kada Microfinance bank. They lend people money when they require it, whether it is for investments or to get them by till their next paycheck.

Is Fahimta Loan Good?

A company with CBN licensing, Fahimta Microfinance Bank, offers loans for several uses. As a result, customers in Kaduna can obtain a safe, low-interest loan through Fahimta.

How Much Does Fahimta Offer on Loans?

Depending on their qualifications, customers of Fahimta Microfinance bank loans may borrow up to a certain amount. When the bank verifies your income, they will make you a loan offer based on their evaluation.

Fahimta Loans Interest Rates

Customers can get low-interest loans from Fahimta Loans. According to some intuitions, the interest you pay on a loan may be equal to the amount you borrowed. Fahimta, though, contributed to the solution. Customers can now borrow money and pay 5% to 50% in interest.

What Do I Need to Borrow Money from Fahimta Microfinance Bank?

Below are the Fahimta loan requirements:

  • National ID or other forms of identification
  • Staff identity card
  • Letter of employment
  • Pay slip
  • Six months statement of account
  • Two credible guarantors
  • Utility bill

Do I Need to Provide Collateral?

Yes. To apply for loans on Fahimta Microfinance bank you need to provide collateral. Collateral is one of the eligibility requirements to qualify for a loan.

However, if you wish to borrow money without collateral, see the alternative loan platforms here.

What Type of Loan Can I Get on Fahimta MFB?

  • Salary Advance

For salary earners at reputed organizations, advances against anticipated salaries are possible. The maximum loan amount is 50% of the anticipated wage at month’s end, with a maximum term of 30 days. The borrower must pay back the loan when they receive the next paycheck. Customers are required to domicile their wages with the Bank, to domicile checks from other banks drawn on their salary accounts, or to domicile payments following other arrangements.

  • Microloans

Students, traders, and business owners can use this to access their current firms. Small- and medium-sized business owners can quickly, transparently, and effectively obtain loan products through Kada Microfinance Bank. For them to complete the loan tracker compliance form, the customer must fill out the bank’s loan application form. A maximum term of 6 months at 5% interest plus additional charges. 

Requirement: Collateral

  • Agric Loans

For farmers in Kaduna, Fahmita offers a non-collateral agricultural loan with a maximum loan amount of N150,000 and a rate of 40% for 3 months.

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