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LCredit Loan App Download | Instant Online Loans

Do you need emergency cash to cover your expenses? Try out the LCredit loan platform. Download the LCredit loan app and enjoy instant loans to your bank account.

See how you apply for loans on the LCredit app. 

What is LCredit?

LCredit is an online loan application platform offering short-term loans to users. It is one of the top loan platforms in Nigeria. 

On LCredit, you can get an instant cash advance to help you in times of emergencies. Moreover, the application platform only takes a few clicks.

Is LCredit Genuine?

The LCredit loan platform is legit and safe to use. It is one of the safest loan platforms used in Nigeria.

Also, when it comes to speed in delivery, you can trust L Credit. The loan application exercise only takes a minute to complete. And, you can get the loan amount within 10 minutes of your application.

How Much Can I Borrow on the LCredit Loan App?

The LCredit loan app is a good choice when it comes to short-term loans. The loan platform offers up to ₦50000. Also, when you pay back your loan on time, your loan limit may increase. That is, you can borrow a higher amount on the app.

What Do I Need To Borrow Loan on LCredit?

Before you apply for a loan on any platform, you need to check if you meet the requirements. Applying for loans on LCredit doesn’t require much. You do not need to provide any paper documents to qualify for a loan.

Here are what you need:

Loan Requirements

  • A BVN 
  • An Android phone
  • You must reside in Nigeria
  • Applicants must be 18 – 55 years

Download the LCredit Loan App APK for Android

Download the L Credit App for iPhone

  • Go to the official LCredit loan app website.
  • Click on Get the App on the homepage.
  • The link will direct you to App Store. Wait for it to connect.
  • Click on Install.

How to Borrow Money on the LCredit Loan App

To borrow money on LCredit, you need to download the LCredit app. (See the download guide above)

  • Open the LCredit Loan App.
  • Register your device.
  • Enter your BVN.
  • Apply for a loan.
  • You will get funded immediately.

Currently, LCredit does not have a loan code or USSD code to borrow money. To apply for loans, you must follow the steps above.

What Happened to LCredit?

After Quick Loan Arena’s devastating complaint on the repeated abuses, loan application and tenure violations, misuse of customer data privacy, and other many violations registered against the lending platform, LCredit is now removed from the Google Play Store.

Hence, to download the app, you have to go to the Lcredit official website.

Contact LCredit Customer Care


Customer care number: 016310555

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