November 30, 2023
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KiaKia Loan P2P Review | Borrow and Lend Money

You can borrow and lend money safely and conveniently on the KiaKia loan P2P platform. Join Nigeria’s leading peer-to-peer platform. On KiaKia, you can borrow money instantly or lend out money and earn massively.

To start using the Kia Kia loan platform, see the guide below.

Kiakia Loan Platform Review

KiaKia is one of the best peer-to-peer platforms in Nigeria. The platform allows users to borrow money to keep themselves afloat. Also, Kia Kia users can lend out money and earn huge interest. 

On the KiaKia loan P2P platform, you can borrow money for individual, family, or business use. With loan interest as low as 6%, you can borrow money and pay it back conveniently. 

How Does the KiaKia Loan P2P WorK?

Have you ever heard of the notion of “letting your money work for you”? That is what the P2P marketplace is all about. Here you can give out loans to people and earn huge returns. Also, you can fund businesses to keep them afloat or for expansion and share in their profit. 


How Much Can I Earn on KiaKia P2P?

The KiaKia P2P is known for huge returns on loans given out. You can earn up to 28% interest on the money you lent out to individuals or businesses. 

For example:

If you loaned out ₦100,000. Twenty-eight percent will give you a ₦28,000 return. 

That is a huge ROI!

How Much Can I Borrow on KiaKia?

The amount an applicant can borrow on Kiakia varies. The maximum or minimum amount depends on the income level of the applicant and the type of request the applicant rendered. 

Therefore, the amount you can borrow should be what you can easily pay with your income. 

What Do I Need to Borrow Money on KiaKia? | Loan Requirements

These are the requirements you must meet before you can qualify for a loan on Kia kia:

  • You must be 21 or above
  • You must reside in Nigeria
  • Applicant must have a BVN and account number
  • Applicant must show proof of income. 

If you meet these requirements, then, you qualify for a cash advance on Kiakia.

How to Apply for KiaKia Loan | Kiakia Loan Application Guide

Follow this guide to apply for a loan on the KiaKia platform successfully:

  • Open the Kia Kia loan website or app.
  • Create an account on the platform. (see how to create an account in the guide below)
  • Provide your national ID
  • Choose the loan amount and tenure
  • Enter proof of income
  • Verify your bank account

Unfortunately, the KiaKia platform does not have a USSD code for loan applications. Users can only borrow money using the process above.

Kiakia Loan Account Login | Sign up

  • Go to the official Kiakia platform.
  • Click on Get a Loan. (The link will direct you to a live chat with Mr. K)
  • Click on Create Account.
  • Click on the account type (borrower or lender)
  • Enter your details in the live chat.

Download KiaKia Loan App APK| iOS

For an easy loan application, you need to use the KiaKia loan app. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. 

See how to download the app here

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